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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A fiery start to the new year!!!

This "event" really set me on fire. My "mommy-alert" button hit the panic mode and I quite literally let off my steam!!!
The saga unfolded in the underwater world, Sentosa island in Singapore, where I had gone for a vacation with my husband and 6 year old son Nachikaet. One of my pet phobias is the "fear of anything which remotely resembles a snake" So you can imagine my plight, when my son casually announced that he wanted to take a photo with a python draped  around  his neck (one of the attractions being offered in the underwater world)

To say that my mind was on fire is to put matters mildly. To add fuel to the "fire", my husband was all smiles beaming proudly at his "macho" son. The theatrical display of navarasas* which coursed through my face, would have put a seasoned kathakali* artist to shame!!!

I had by this time, managed to attract quite a decent number of interested audience- ranging from giggly pigtailed girls to wonder mommies who looked as if they had just stepped out of the salon, balancing a perfectly behaved baby on one hip  and typing furiously on their I-phones!!!
My son and husband were by this time ready to disown me and get on with more important things getting a python draped around their necks!!
The rather tragic end of this epic drama was that I was left howling and screaming and trying  to explain to a concerned security guard that I didn't need to go the first aid station; while my son went and got himself the coveted picture!!! Here is a copy of the controversial sure fired up my day!!!!

This post is written for the indiblogger and KFC sponsered contest  "Sets you on fire"


  1. Hahaha Anupama.. I can so imagine this scene !! Thankfully when we were there in May, my 3 yr old son was too young and 6 year old daughter a bit scared to do it! With hubby being equally unadventurous in this respect I was saved :) !

    You are right, we sound so similar :). Definitely must connect, do send me a request on FB (Aparna George, and we'll take it from there.

  2. Came here through Aparna's blog..
    lol @ the incident above..guess I would have had the same reaction as yours..:-)

  3. thanks uma..guess we mothers are programmed alike!!!

  4. Nachikaet has really grown up!!! :) Super Like!
    I wouldnt dare to do this even in my dreams!!!!
    You guys must have had fun in Singapore!

  5. Yrs shruthi we had a nice time ..i wouldn't do it in my dreams either..guess boys are programmed differently!!!