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mom of all trades

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

For matrimonial purposes only!!!!

For the past 6 months, I have been receiving phone calls from  what can be defined as the "mother of all wrong numbers". The callers range from dignified old gentlemen to over anxious mammas, all  for a single reason...for matrimonial purposes only!!! So countless are the times I have rushed to pick up the phone with the dishes on the stove getting burnt beyond repair, being rudely woken up by the persistent ringing in the middle of a heavenly siesta, only to be treated to detailed descriptions of  prospective brides and grooms.
By the time I manage to convince the caller that they have called the wrong number, in my broken kannada, (I can understand when its spoken but can't speak the language to save my life)  I would have gleaned enough information about the caller's family to qualify as his official genealogist!!!
 My house is as of today the "official head office" of "Krishna matrimonials" and I'm seriously contemplating
running a matrimonial agency as an alternate career option..I seem to have a natural flair for "attracting customers" ..We seem to be a match made in heaven.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anya collections- own a slice of the world

 Anya collections is an online clothing and accessories store for women, stared in 2011 by the very talented Rajni Menon, who is based in the US. Anya collections is a unique store where the products are inspired by the culture, colour , fabrics and art of different parts of the world. The word Anya in sanskrit language means "foreign" -browse through their online catalogue to get a whiff of the  hand crafted  exotic products on display.

What makes this store special is that, each collection has an underlying theme, which is primarily inspired by a distant and exotic locale. Their first collection draws its beautiful lines and  gorgeous colours from the vibrant and colourful regions of north india.
Their collections currently include tunics, blouses and accessories for women. All the products displayed in the catalogue can be ordered online. The store is also planning to come up with customised wardrobe solutions for its clientele
Check out their webspace and  get a taste of some global inspired fashion
Find anya collections on facebook at .!/AnyaCollections