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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Entrepreneurial endeavours: the inside story of how a business magnate was born


Last week Nachikaet started his first entreprenuerial venture. After finding out that he was the only 'incomeless' person in the house, (he took a few hours to digest the information that his mother actually gets paid to write the weird stuff that she writes) he decided to assess his financial condition. After a few hours of reviewing his options and contemplating everything from walking the neighbor’s dog to breeding fishes, he decided that in order to have a "steady" source of income he would start his own business, become his own boss. That was how "Hello library" was born.

Using his ample collection of books as a “start up capital” Hello library was launched. It was inaugurated by well, Nachikaet himself. Then it was time for some aggressive marketing strategies. It sure was aggressive. Nachikaet coaxed and cajoled and threatened all of us including our live in help, who considers all of us “readers”, missing a piece or two in the upper storey. So as a result of his “effective” marketing strategies, Nachikaet gained three “life members” for his library. His dad, mom and the above mentioned hapless house help.

In order to ensure strict quality control, a register was made with all the details of the transactions.  The reading fee was set at Rs 5 per book. Transactions would be made strictly during business hours only. Every care was taken to ensure that the business hours would not clash with his TV time or play time. Special discounts were allowed for customers who would come during his study time.

After a couple of days, Nachikaet decided that we were not spending enough time reading, and issued a declaration that each of us will have to read a minimum of 4 books in a week. (He couldn’t stand it if his parents were not well read) The business soon began to flourish and the arrival of his grandparents was an added bonus. His grandparents were subjected to a lecture session on the perils of not reading books and last heard, his grandfather has enough Tinkle comics to last him the rest of his life and his grandmother still has nightmares about the countless aliens in the Ben 10 books she is forced to read.
And as for the little business tycoon in the making he has decided to ‘go public’ with his venture by inviting his neighborhood friends to join the library.
Here are some visuals

Hello Library timings

   An inside view
The first life member

Let the money flow