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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Make time for the most neglected person in your life…yourself!!!

Most of us hear this advice doled out to us by well wishers or at least as an article in a glossy magazine. Though we would love to do all that is mentioned there, we postpone taking time out without a second thought. Every holiday is meticulously planned for. Take the kids the dentist, clean out the kitchen cabinets, take husband’s suit to the cleaners.. the list is end less. In this blurry of activities, most of us end up being fagged out and irritated at the very people we are doing all this for.. our family
Taking out some time in a day is not impossible as it seems if we really try. The first step is to let go of the guilt most of us face in doing something for ourselves. Think of the time spent as an investment which will make us happier and calmer, resulting in a better spouse, daughter or parent.
Make time to look after our body
•by exercising at least 5 times a week
•by going for regular medical check ups
•by getting enough sleep

Make time to rejuvenate our spirit
• by carving out some time to pursue hobbies
•by meeting up with friends
•by simply doing what makes us happy at that moment..(even if its weeping over the 200th episode of a soap serial!!!!)

So this New Year lets rejuvenate ourselves and be ready with the juicer to make lemonade when life throws us the proverbial lemon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quotable Quotes

Nachikaet and his ‘achiya” (grand father for the uninitiated) are thick friends. They have formed a mutual admiration society to which “third party entry” is strictly restricted. A conversation I had with nachikaet last week gave me fresh insights into the functioning of this “society”. As a prelude to the upcoming republic day I decided that it was time to awaken the patriotic spirit in my son and told him about the struggle for freedom, the national anthem etc. The next day while getting ready for school, I casually asked him who the father of the nation is. Beaming with pride he replied “ achiya”

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drawing Dilemmas

Nachikaet has been drawing ever since I can remember..(so what if its only a couple of years it adds to the effect, right?) What I mean is he is a broad minded little artist.. he will not confine himself to mere pen and paper. The whole house is his canvas. There is not a square inch left on my walls (and recently the built in wardrobes) that does not bear testament to the Picasso in him. Luckily for him his father is a firm believer in the “its only paint” concept.. after all nobody stopped Raja Ravi Varma from doodling on the walls of his palace!!!!Recently a friend pointed out to me that he draws quite well for a four year old. That was when I really looked at his creations without being blinded by the “monster mother” in me . The child could draw. I had a talk with him on what he wanted to do about it. It turned out that he wanted to learn to draw animals. Thus began the quest for a drawing teacher. Nachikaet starts his drawing class today and for once I’m letting him have the last word!!!!
PS: we have reached an agreement about his wall art. I got him The “Doodle Pro” board by Fisher Price and he is happy doodling on it..for the moment!!! I highly recommend it for harassed mothers like me!!!!