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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Season of super heroes

Nachikaet is not into Hindi movies at all. But this "one" really caught him hook line and sinker. It started when the movie Ra one was aired on TV for the first time and I (blissfully unaware of the repercussions  my one  move would create)  recorded the movie on Tata sky to watch later. Nachkaet sat through the movie completely mesmerised by G one. Sadly to say that was just the beginning. G one began to replace each one his favourite cartoons . Since he is allowed to watch TV only for half hour every day, the movie became a glorified "daily soap".
G one's power over the house hold was soon apparent when my house help (who speaks no other language other than my native tongue Malayalam) casually asked me "Will you be my chammak challo?" complete with perfectly choreographed hand and hip movements, as I was helping her chop onions. I almost cut off my finger in shock.
We must have watched the movie in bits and pieces at least two dozen time by now!! My son proudly rattles off dialogues in his very limited  Hindi vocabulary to any one who cares to listen....ranging from amused security in our apartment to his adoring grandparents who think its  perfectly normal to listen to G one story for the 6th time in a week over STD calls.
Move over Ben 10 and Chotta Bheem its the season of super heroes!!!!

Here is a snap of my in house "super hero"..courtesy my husbands newly acquired photo shopping skills!!!


Friday, March 9, 2012

An obituary to my hot water bag

Last week my 10 year old hot water bag passed away after loyally serving me during some of my darkest days. I wish I could say she passed away peacefully but unfortunately somebody trod on her and her shiny pink skin split into two...well I'll spare you the rest of the 'gory" details!!!!

so here is a little note to my  little friend who never failed to "warm" me with her presence

  Dear hot water bag,
               Thank you for keeping my little family warm and comfortable,

               for warming little toes on cold chilly evenings,

               for easing aching backs after a hard day at work,

               for teaming up with a mug of hot tea to comfort,when the world seems a cold cruel place;

               for offering warmth and comfort to three people in your  short life
               which is more than I can ever say for myself!!!