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mom of all trades

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A magical weekend

Last sunday my husband turned 34. While 34 is not a milestone year in most people's calender I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party..complete with a humongous cake, decorations, lunch and a bunch of his 'long lost' college friends(he hadn't seen most of them for the past 10 years, so that justifies' long lost')

Well, deciding that was the only easy part in this whole exercise . What followed was a week of lying, scheming, hushed whispers, deleting the call log on the cell phone and more lying!!!!
what amazed me was the enthusiastic response of the "long lost" friends. Each one of them had to spend almost half of a precious sunday just to reach my place (I happen to conveniently stay at opposite side of the city) The big day had all the makings of a masala bollywood movie. It started off early in the morning with the case of my missing wallet with all credit cards safely tucked inside. After a desperate one hour of frantic calls and memory jogging we got it back from an honest shopkeeper..may god bless him!!!

Then it was the turn of the chair and table rental guy to do his bit by switching off his cell phone at the eleveth hour;when finally after swallowing my ego and being mentally prepared to serve the guests food off the floor,
 he made grand entry complete with free table runners for good measure!!
The look on my husband's face made up for all the running around I had done. This birthday was extra special as he had never had a birthday party ..even as a kid.
The conclusion of the story is that my carefully planned birthday party turned into a reunion of sorts for all the guests and the hostess was the only one who didn't know any of the guests and had to be introduced to each and every one of them by a beaming birthday boy!!!!

Happy birthday deserve every bit of your special day!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A cupful of happiness

        What makes you happy? something that makes you forget everything else for the moment and just compels you to enjoy and savour the moment for what it is..

I am constantly surprised at the small packages which gives me my 'happiness dose' for the day.

   Happiness is
                 ...a steaming cup of cardamom tea in my favourite mug in the middle of the day.
                 . ....watching my husband blissfully tucking into the biriyani I made.

                        ...holding a card which says "Nachikaet luvs moter (mother) and not  wanting to correct   
                             any of the spellings.

                          ..... getting my  favourite magazines delivered with the morning newspaper.
                          ..... getting a foot massage.

What made you happy today?