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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer sojourn

Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language.
 -Henry James

Nachikaet is well and truly “into his summer holidays” and is making the most out of his available ‘resources’ in terms of

Finances   -being fully loaded after an extremely rewarding vishu kainettam* spree and buying well, more Ben 10 aliens (sigh I have given up on that one)

 Manpower- getting his grandparents, aunt and uncle to do their bits to make his life comfortable.

 Free time- getting the above mentioned manpower to threaten, cajole or bribe his mother to let him watch TV/play videogames.

Intangible resources- Using his good will, (the length his stake holders are willing to go for him) and his brand power (his adoring little brother and grandparents for whom he is the chief super hero in residence)

With the expertise of a corporate honcho, he can be found holding power snacking sessions( power lunches are passé) with the other stake holders (his brother and grand father) on how to configure their resources to over come challenging environments ( his parents)

What strikes me most is his almost obsessive desire to make the most out of each day. To savor each moment and enjoy it, like there is no tomorrow.  To have no no particular agenda for the day other than to live, laugh and be happy.

So I plan to do my bit too this summer because as Robert Brault said,  in the happiest of our childhood memories, our parents were happy too



Vishu Kaineettam, the gifting of money to children by the elder members of family on the occasion of Vishu, the harvest festival of Kerala. (source: