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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sibling Revelry!!!!

This morning I chatted for more than 30 minutes with a friend from college days whom I've not seen for over 6 years. For all this time he had known me, he was under the impression that my younger sister and I were twins!!!( my sis and I did our MBA together -same year same college so i guess it justifies it) Anyway after 6 years he wanted to know whether we had married twin brothers  and whether we were finally living separate lives....So sweet of him!!! well, the point is it got me thinking as to what a big part my sister has in my life.
Now even though both of us are so far apart physically, we share a special bond that only sisters can share.... so this is for you Juju and a special thanks to my friend for inspiring me to write this post
My sister is 2 years younger to me and for the first few years of my life I was insanely jealous of her for usurping my position in the family!!!!
                                          Sister of my heart
                                         When we first met, my life turned upside down;
                                         I was the reigning queen, with a tiara and gown.
                                         When you first said "Anu chechi", my heart did a flip;
                                         I was the"big sis" with a stiff upper lip.
                                         When you first fought with your tiny fists;
                                         I lost, and my ego was forced to call it quits.
                                         When you first had your own pals;
                                         I had to act busy with various phone calls.
                                         When you first cried 'cause I hurt you;
                                         I felt the pain inside too.
                                         Now when we first part;
                                         my life once more turns upside down.

                          Now when you are ready to spread your wings;
                           may god bless you with all the best of things.
                          Anytime, any place you need something big or small;
                          I'm there just need to make a call . 

Here is a picture of us with our grand parents.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A "normal" child

Last week at a parents teachers meeting, a lady sitting next to me was telling me how she was worried to death that her 5 year old daughter has not shown any signs of being a" maths whiz kid" even after a month of rigorous abacus classes . The poor lady was spending sleepless nights trying to convince herself that this was"normal". While i sympathise with her wholeheartedly ( i believe that to each parent his/her own..after all its their child!!!!) it set me thinking as to what would be the things which i would worry about in the case of my son(although only illness has the power to give me sleepless nights..i can sleep through a storm ;duly certified by my husband)
I would worry if my 5 year old son(as of now)
  • did not give me bear hugs and slurpy kisses after coming home from school
  • did not pester me to play with my maid's child as he pesters me to play with my neighbour's child
  • did not believe that "Ben 10" and "chotabheem" can do "anything"
  • did not daydream
  • did not have friends
  • did not think his amma and achan knows answers to "everything" (hopefully this phase will last for some more months..its such a ego booster!!!!)
  • did not feel like"having something to eat" throughout the day
  • did not know how to "live in the moment"
and most of all..
did not feel happy "just being nachikaet"!!!
Lets hope i can worry about the same things when he brings me(god forbid) a C minus maths report card!!!!