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Friday, January 27, 2012

By us for us

When Smita Banerjee , (on behalf of Hewlett Packard Write and Read initiative), mailed me asking if I would like to review a collection of short stories for children, I jumped at the opportunity.
The names associated with the book had given me a fair idea that I was in for a treat. Further, I saw it as an opportunity to read it with my 6 year old son, and view the book from his perspective (it is a book meant for kids after all!!!)
I received a lovely brightly coloured illustrated book called “By us for us”. What sets this book apart is that it is a collection of short stories, written by children for children. All the 29 storied featured in this book have been handpicked by the acclaimed lyricist/poet Prasoon Joshi, and is published by Katha in collaboration with Hewlett Packard India.

Each of the 29 stories bears testament to the unique insight that only children can have. I truly felt I was seeing our world in a whole new light - through the eyes of a child. The book engulfs the reader, in a plethora of emotions in the simple uncomplicated language of children. Each of the “little authors” manage to convey a socially relevant message through their thought provoking stories - little Kaizan who begs near the traffic signals of Chandni Chowk, who makes us feel grateful for all of life’s privileges we so take for granted…
A little boy who stumbles upon a treasure called “sharing”..
A tree who shows us what it feels like when we so casually cut it in half ..
A suit case who opens our eyes to the layers of corruption camouflaged cleverly in the powerful world of politics, through its memoirs on how it became a “celebrity”..
A stray cat who was adopted by a family and soon became “reigning queen” , introduces us to the joys of caring for a pet. a stray one at that!!
Four toothbrushes who have an adventure of their” toothbrushy” lives when they tamper with a time machine, showcases childish imagination at its best.

It is this sort of creative writing at its best that make this book a must read for kids (and adults!!!)
My 6 year old thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of these stories and
the fact that it was written by children, made it even more enjoyable and its given him that “little push” to give writing stories a shot..what more can a mother expect out of a book? It is definitely a keeper!!!

Please check out their space for more information

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A" soon to be" mom in law!!!

If things go the way they are going currently, I am in danger of becoming a "soon to be" mom in law..courtesy my ever obliging and proactive 6 year old. Here is what I am talking about.
We were returning from Karate class the other day, when suddenly it struck me that Nachikaet was unusually silent..deep in thought. This is an excerpt from our conversation..

Amma:  Kanna, what happened, why are you so quiet..are you feeling sick? (sadly, that's one of the few reasons he keeps quiet!!!)

Nachikaet: Amma I'm thinking of getting married!!!

Amma: You're what????      ( managed not to shriek and pretended as if I had not heard)

Nachikaet:   You know like you and achan..

Amma : Oh that's nice, and who is the lucky girl? ( perfectly calm, as if he had told me that  he wanted a new toy)

Nachikaet: There are two three I'm thinking of...can't can marry only one person right?

Amma: Yes kanna ( god give me the strength!!!)

He sighs.. accepting the sad but bitter truth - monogamy!!!!
Suddenly he brightened up and gave a wide toothless grin
  Amma , I know each class i'll marry a different girl...
I nodded..not knowing what else to say!!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enter the Nachikaet!!!!

My husband is an ardent fan of movies related to martial arts. As a result Nachikaet knows his Tony Jaa's and Jet Lee's from his Jackie Chan's and Bruce Lee's. So when our apartment began conducting karate classes for kids in the club house, both father and son decided that it was time to "enter the Nachikaet"

 He has started classes along with 15 other "black-belts-in-the-making"..all eager to try their freshly learnt moves on each other!!

It is so heartening to see the little ones so eager to learn  the new moves being taught, each without the slightest sliver of doubt  that they are "god's gift to the world of martial arts"
Here  is wishing the little group many more lovely hours of  middle punches and upper punches...

Here is a picture of my little samurai in action

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A fiery start to the new year!!!

This "event" really set me on fire. My "mommy-alert" button hit the panic mode and I quite literally let off my steam!!!
The saga unfolded in the underwater world, Sentosa island in Singapore, where I had gone for a vacation with my husband and 6 year old son Nachikaet. One of my pet phobias is the "fear of anything which remotely resembles a snake" So you can imagine my plight, when my son casually announced that he wanted to take a photo with a python draped  around  his neck (one of the attractions being offered in the underwater world)

To say that my mind was on fire is to put matters mildly. To add fuel to the "fire", my husband was all smiles beaming proudly at his "macho" son. The theatrical display of navarasas* which coursed through my face, would have put a seasoned kathakali* artist to shame!!!

I had by this time, managed to attract quite a decent number of interested audience- ranging from giggly pigtailed girls to wonder mommies who looked as if they had just stepped out of the salon, balancing a perfectly behaved baby on one hip  and typing furiously on their I-phones!!!
My son and husband were by this time ready to disown me and get on with more important things getting a python draped around their necks!!
The rather tragic end of this epic drama was that I was left howling and screaming and trying  to explain to a concerned security guard that I didn't need to go the first aid station; while my son went and got himself the coveted picture!!! Here is a copy of the controversial sure fired up my day!!!!

This post is written for the indiblogger and KFC sponsered contest  "Sets you on fire"