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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enter the Nachikaet!!!!

My husband is an ardent fan of movies related to martial arts. As a result Nachikaet knows his Tony Jaa's and Jet Lee's from his Jackie Chan's and Bruce Lee's. So when our apartment began conducting karate classes for kids in the club house, both father and son decided that it was time to "enter the Nachikaet"

 He has started classes along with 15 other "black-belts-in-the-making"..all eager to try their freshly learnt moves on each other!!

It is so heartening to see the little ones so eager to learn  the new moves being taught, each without the slightest sliver of doubt  that they are "god's gift to the world of martial arts"
Here  is wishing the little group many more lovely hours of  middle punches and upper punches...

Here is a picture of my little samurai in action


  1. Nachikaet (love that spelling!) looks so cute in the karate outfit - hope he's having fun. So many coincidences - my daughter Damita too just started class a month back! She has a black outfit though :).

  2. Thanxz Aparna...good luck to Damita for her classes!!!

  3. Nice blog Anu..really liked the way u had penned down every line..hope to read more from you...btw nice to know that we have such classes organized in our apartments...This is Club House put to sensible use instead of keeping it locked up for functions and festivals..:)

  4. مشكووور والله يعطيك العافيه

    good thenksss