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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hush Little Baby!!!

Keshav's first gift was from his dad; who was in London when he made his grand appearance into our lives. I don't think his proud dad realised, when he bought that teddy bear from the duty free shop in the airport, that he was buying a piece of history!!!(I am a drama queen!!)
"Hush"(that was what the teddy was christened..refer to how Hush got his name at the bottom of the post)
became an inseparable part of Keshav's life. It sometimes became hard to remember that it was "only a toy".
  What does one call something
      -  that gets the most hugs and kisses from the baby of the house
      -  is the only one who can turn torrents of tears into dimpled smiles
      - can coax him to eat his meals
and can make the baby reach out to him in a toy shop full of attractive toys.(.to name a few of Hush's accomplishments)
Well, i can think of only one name ...a perfect friend!!!
Here is wishing my nephew a life filled with lovely companions,who make his life richer and fuller with their friendship and may they be able to live up to to the reputation of his "first friend"

PS: How Hush got his name
"Hush little baby" was Nachikaet's favourite bed time lullaby when he was smaller. When my nephew was born i passed on the book to my sister and it soon made it to the top 5 bed time lullaby's of my nephew ..and the name stuck!!!
Here is a snap of Keshav with Nachikaet holding Keshav's precious "Hush"