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Friday, November 16, 2012

The world according to 'apps'

  Last month my life changed ...again!! Dramatic- maybe. True - completely. Being somewhat challenged in the areas of gadgets and technology, I used to think of my smart phone well, only as a phone- to make and receive calls. Despite various attempts by my well meaning husband and sister (who was in denial that her own flesh and blood does not know how to down load an 'app') to make me 'worldly wise', I refused to budge.  So while other smart phones in the neighborhood were sending mails, commenting on FB and flaunting arm candy 'apps' by the dozen; my poor supposedly ‘smart’ phone was reduced to a BSNL landline.

  Last month changed all that. I come from a large family of sisters*, who have all been (me included) ‘blessed ' with the ability,to never run out of topics to discuss. Some of my happiest childhood and adolescent memories feature latenight gossip sessions, games and dressing up sessions and to shorten a long tale- growing up with these sisters.  One of our pet peeves was the lack of occasions to meet up and spend time with each other as  we were spread across different locations. A simple ‘app’ changed all that.

Goaded and cajoled by the sisters I decided to give it a try. After conveniently outsourcing the ‘downloading’ part to my bewildered brother in law (the poor man must have been convinced that he married into a crazy family!)  I proudly stepped into the world of ‘apps’.

Downloading whatzapp was the best thing that I could have done for myself. Everyday life took on a special sheen. Every morning I was greeted by words of love and positivity which made feel that, that day was special, that I was special. Everyday meals took on a ‘gourmet flavor’ when it was discussed and drooled over by the sisters. Even falling sick seemed not so bad, given the inflow of concerned messages and calls which comforted me like a much loved cozy blanket, warm and familiar.

  I have never smiled so consistently, as much as I have in this past one month. Every day gave me a reason to smile and look at life through someone else’s eyes. I so admire these strong talented women all carving for themselves unique identities. We have a corporate honcho, an interior designer, a model coordinator, a film director, a teacher in the making, a chartered accountant, an actor, and a preschool specialist. In spite of their hectic schedules these women take the time out each day to be a part of each others lives, to love comfort and laugh with each other.

I love the person I am turning into when I am with these girls. I am more patient with my son more understanding with my husband and generally a more pleasant person to be with.
Thank you ladies for filling my life with the sweetness of unconditional love; it is so much easier to take on life when ‘I’ becomes ‘WE’


a note on sisters: The dictionary defines the term sister as "A girl or woman who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose  with another or others


     So when someone refers to any one of them as 'your cousin’, it  takes a moment   for me to register, because we have always been sisters- nothing less nothing more. They have always been and always will be sisters of my heart.