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mom of all trades

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memoirs of a brand new( well..almost!!!) Aunt

Last May marked a very important event in my life. I became an aunt.. a real aunt!!! My little sister had a baby boy. I was at this point in the “been there done that’ zone; with Nachikaet having turned four I was sure I would be calm and composed when my nephew made his appearance. I was not prepared for the wave of emotions that hit me when the nurse brought out the little bundle and deposited it into my beaming mother’s arm(I was too scared to hold him ) .I knew from that instant, that this little man had a place in my heart right beside Nachikaet. We are yet to be fully acquainted, yet when he smiles at me from the other side of the world ( he is currently in the US ) I know he will always be part of my world where ever he may be. I sit before ‘skype’ and stare in silent wonder at my “little sister’ turning out a perfect “tiramisu cake” with the baby perched on one hip!!! I send a silent prayer to god to bless both mother and child and as for me I have only one message for my nephew.. at any point in life if your mother is unavailable for assistance….call me!!!!
ps: isn't he just adorable!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The end of an era

Last week marked the end of a “golden era’ in our lives. Nachikaet graduated from lower kindergarten!!! A whole year has gone by and my painfully shy weepy toddler has transformed into the “resident class hero”. His beloved  'Amrita Maam' gave us quite a detailed account of his “heroic escapades”- the latest being unscrewing the faucet in the tiny kiddies basin with his trusted accomplice and flooding the class room!!! She has strictly warned us not to tamper with his “lively imagination” (as she puts it) and even given us some hope that he could be a “Hussain in the making’!!! But in spite of all these “negligibles “ the silver lining is that he has started to enjoy school life ( which just goes to show nothing is impossible!!!) When other parents show me the prizes their wards have won for different competitions and their neatly coloured pictures;
I just hold him close and whisper ‘ you’ve done a great job this year- you’ve enjoyed school, the colouring and the handwriting can wait!!!!”
Ps: This was how nachikaet celebrated the start of the summer holidays