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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A" soon to be" mom in law!!!

If things go the way they are going currently, I am in danger of becoming a "soon to be" mom in law..courtesy my ever obliging and proactive 6 year old. Here is what I am talking about.
We were returning from Karate class the other day, when suddenly it struck me that Nachikaet was unusually silent..deep in thought. This is an excerpt from our conversation..

Amma:  Kanna, what happened, why are you so quiet..are you feeling sick? (sadly, that's one of the few reasons he keeps quiet!!!)

Nachikaet: Amma I'm thinking of getting married!!!

Amma: You're what????      ( managed not to shriek and pretended as if I had not heard)

Nachikaet:   You know like you and achan..

Amma : Oh that's nice, and who is the lucky girl? ( perfectly calm, as if he had told me that  he wanted a new toy)

Nachikaet: There are two three I'm thinking of...can't can marry only one person right?

Amma: Yes kanna ( god give me the strength!!!)

He sighs.. accepting the sad but bitter truth - monogamy!!!!
Suddenly he brightened up and gave a wide toothless grin
  Amma , I know each class i'll marry a different girl...
I nodded..not knowing what else to say!!!



  1. please add an attractive photo too..

  2. Hmmmm... Very interesting conversation!!! made me laugh a lot!!!!

  3. LOL could not control. Ya the day kids accelerate these days, we are like just waiting for the drama to unfold.