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Friday, June 17, 2011

A cupful of happiness

        What makes you happy? something that makes you forget everything else for the moment and just compels you to enjoy and savour the moment for what it is..

I am constantly surprised at the small packages which gives me my 'happiness dose' for the day.

   Happiness is
                 ...a steaming cup of cardamom tea in my favourite mug in the middle of the day.
                 . ....watching my husband blissfully tucking into the biriyani I made.

                        ...holding a card which says "Nachikaet luvs moter (mother) and not  wanting to correct   
                             any of the spellings.

                          ..... getting my  favourite magazines delivered with the morning newspaper.
                          ..... getting a foot massage.

What made you happy today?


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  1. Very cute post. I could so resonate with the 1st point :)!