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Thursday, December 22, 2011

God's in his heaven - all's right with the world!!!

There is always some thing magical about the ' end of the year' couple of weeks that lulls me into a comforting feeling that  Robert Browning so aptly put in his "Pippa's song" ...even though spring sounds like a distant dream at this point!!!! Its that time when the old year gracefully takes the last bow, giving us another chance to start afresh, another chance to be the best person we can be every single day.
Here is wishing every one a lovely year ahead and may every thing be right in your world!!!
...logging off for the year 2011!!!
Happy new year!!!!!!

Pippa's Song by Robert Browning

THE year 's at the spring,
And day 's at the morn;
Morning 's at seven;
The hill-side 's dew-pearl'd;
The lark 's on the wing;
The snail 's on the thorn;
God 's in His heaven—
All 's right with the world!

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