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Monday, July 4, 2011

The world according to Ben 10

By his fourth birthday, Nachikaet had graduated from 'dinosaur mania' to' Ben 10 mania'. It is really amazing how a small boy with magical watch,pardon me...omnitrix  has managed to capture the imagination of kids across the globe. (For the uninitiated..Ben ten can turn into 10 different alien forms,each with special powers to protect the universe from evil outer space aliens) . Thanks to indulgent uncles, grandparents and friends amused by nachikaet's obsession with this character, he is the proud owner of all available alien forms.

At least two of them are our constant bedfellows( my husband and i have sadly resigned to waking up in the morning looking straight into a eerily grinning 'spidermonkey' or a spirit like apparition..aptly named 'ghost freak"
Then there are the lecture sessions where Nachikaet painstakingly dissects the features and skills of these alien forms and in which we are expected to participate enthusiastically..he has given up on me fortunately..muttering something about girls under his breath..well how the wounded feminist in me will deal with that is a whole different story altogether!!!
As of now Ben 10 has taken over our little world !!!!


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