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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A slice of childhood

Whenever I think of ammumma(my granny) , the first images that come to my mind are the balmy kerala nights when we used to lie down side by side, and she would tell would be the same story every night.. but the sound of her voice and the familiar fragrance of  sandal wood talcum powder(with which she doused herself after her bath) and the comfortable warmth seeping in from my toes, tucked safely in the soft folds of her Saree lulled me to sleep. Most nights after the story, she would sing lullabies ..songs she had grown up with... songs scented with fragrant sandalwood sachets of memories.
My favourite one was "omama thingal kidavo.."* The soothing sound of ammumma singing in her slightly out of tune voice, is one of my most cherished childhood memories...On some nights, when I put my son to bed; singing this evergreen lullaby I close my eyes and I can almost feel ammumma's plump fingers softly stroking my hair...
Here is a picture of ammumma with Nachikaet taken some years ago when she visited us. We speak almost daily on the phone!!!!

*Omana Thingal Kidavo is said to be composed by Irayaman Thampi for putting the young Swathi Thirunal to sleep You can hear the lullaby here


  1. Hi anu...never knew that u write so well....u r not only a gud daughter but a sweet mother too....nachukuttan will always be proud of u.god bless u.

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