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Monday, July 25, 2011

It all ends here!!!!

Yesterday, Nachikaet saw his first 3D movie ..ironically the last of the Harry Potter series!!! Alas all good things must come to an end, and so Harry Potter bids us adieu. Nachikaet was enthralled with the special effects  and though my husband and I had to explain Harry's each and every move in detailed whispers , his pure unadulterated excitement made it worth while. .and when he asked in his loudest voice "who is that uncle/aunt?,for the fifth time in 2 minutes ,all I wanted to do was slink into one of the dungeons in Hogwarts with the suppressed giggles of  people resonating in my ears!!!! "Amma, Harry Potter doesn't fight at all.(all he does his point his wand).he has no powers come he is a super hero?" son wanted to know, after Voldermort was killed..
 Harry potter..the boy whose only claim to fame was that "he lived". Harry Potter who shows us that the  magic is really within us...he has no extraordinary powers except for the fact that he never gives up no matter how hopeless the situation may be!!! So here is hoping that Nachikaet will meet the 'Harry Potter' in him in the not- so- distant future(one can always hope right??)

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