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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love in the times of homework

Nachikaet is a free spirited soul (which is a sugarcoated way of saying that he cannot sit still for more than 10 seconds at a time) so you can imagine what it is like to sit and make him do homework (although, how he manages to get stars for  his writing and impress the teachers is still a mystery to me!!!)
Last week he was even more fidgety than usual ...refusing to write neatly, throwing his erasers, breaking  his pencil's sharpened points, deliberately giving me wrong spellings..the works. After controlling myself for ten minutes, I blew my top giving him a few pinches and comparing him to his "intelligent" classmates(yes, i stooped down to comparisons!!!)
 He looked at me with tears streaming down his pencil- lead stained face and said "..still I love you amma" .
It was the "still" that did me in. What he was trying to tell me was that, in spite of all my imperfections(which adds up to quite a big list) he loved me unconditionally..and here I was, hurting him physically , wounding his dignity  and labelling him... just because he couldn't memorise a few spellings.I must admit, at that moment, I felt deeply ashamed of myself. The pinch marks on his hands will fade away in a couple of days I'm hoping his wounded spirit will heal quickly too...Sorry my love...amma is truly sorry!!!!


  1. SO well written. How we do this all the time and realise it only later. Adorable Kid.

  2. Nachiketh rockz...