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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Annual day. with the king of my heart!!!

This morning marked a sort of land mark in Nachikaet’s social life.. his first stage performance. It was a fantastic debut (well I am his mom guys, what did you expect!!!!)

His class performed to a medley of songs by the late “king of pop”. What amazed me was that the class teacher had managed to transform a group of boisterous four-year olds into dancers, belting out classic Michael Jackson steps, leaving the audience asking for more.

It set me thinking about the efforts teachers put into molding our kids thoughts and actions. Teachers, especially in the nursery levels, are an under paid lot doing a largely thankless job. My son and I decided this afternoon to use these Christmas holidays to make a card together, list out all the things he has learnt from her this year and thank her..all in his own words ( I, being the scribe). Here is a picture of him beaming at the camera in his “beat it’ costume. He sure is the king of my heart!!!!


  1. Cool..I wondered exactly the same on Aryan's sports day do they do it :)

  2. oh he is looks so cute.....teachers are amazing....

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