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Saturday, November 28, 2009

a delicious lunch box recipe

Apple and carrot sandwich
This is one of my son’s favorite lunch box meal. I chanced upon it in one of my mom’s Tarla Dalal cook book collection. At first it seemed like an unusual combination but my doubts vanished when it got rave reviews from my son’s expanding English vocabulary
(He used up the two words he knows to express delight .. ‘wow’ and ‘too good”). This makes a tasty, nutritious and filling lunch box meal on those time strapped mornings

Bread – 9 slices
Apple spread
1 small apple grated
1tbsp cheese spread
Salt and pepper to taste
Carrot spread
¾ cup grated carrot
2tbsp cheese spread
salt and pepper

1.Lightly warm the bread slices
2.Apply apple spread on one slice of bread. Sandwich with another slice
3.Apply carrot spread on the slice and sandwich with a third slice of bread
4.Repeat to make two more sandwiches
5.Remove the crusts and and cut into triangles
6.Can be served warm or cold..tastes good either way.


  1. Sounds totally delish! I'm set for tomorrow's dabba then!

  2. Hi Anupama, I am here for the first time..nice blog. Will try this dish...Thanks for visiting Aryan's blog..

    Aryan's more

  3. I read this too in tarla dalal book and now after your review its a must try