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Monday, September 9, 2013

For the love of crafts

A dinosaur
For the past few months Nachikaet has been getting pretty crafty. From cereal box fighter planes and tissue roll hi tech rockets, he has  'been there and done that'. On most days after school, he can be seen cutting and  pasting away furiously until his room begins to resemble Santa's workshop and I begin to resemble (well not exactly resemble but at least feel like) his elf! He was truly caught up in the magical and highly addictive  world of DIY. So one week it would be raining cardboard dinosaurs ,planes and houses for his huge population of aliens and animals; with cardboard cartons and boxes borrowed from bewildered neighbors' and  scavenged from amused maintenance ladies.

 Then it would be play dough crafts, where the master sculptor would leave bits of sticky clay or worse atta*, (scavenged from the kitchen when the play dough is exhausted) throughout the house till the harrowed maid threatens to quit.

card board plane
His most exhaustive ( for me that is)    project  to date has been the dreaded paper mache project, where the dedicated crafter decided to make paper mache from scratch. So began the soaking and priming of news papers,( my much coveted unread Sunday newspaper in my much coveted highly used saucepan). After soaking for about 24 hours the gooey mixture has to be apparently mixed with glue by hand unless you have magical stirring apparatus like the Art Attack series anchor . Since I didn't want to sacrifice a spoon from my kitchen, not having yet recovered from the 'borrowed' saucepan; I bravely volunteered to stir the mixture by hand.  I sure did repent at leisure as I had to spend the better part of the evening trying to get my hand to its original five separate fingers state. Nachikaet politely pointed out that I had begun to resemble some unpronounceable creature with webbed hands.  
Luckily for him his dad came home earlier that day!!
scarecrow, (yes u guessed right wearing my tshirt)
I'm hoping that this is just a 'passing phase' as any more advanced Art attack crafting episodes just might give his 'non crafty' mother a heart attack!!!


*Atta is the flour used to make most South Asian flatbreads, such as chapati, roti, naan and puri. Most atta is milled from the semi-hard wheat varieties, also known as durum wheat, that comprise 90% of the Indian wheat crop, and is more precisely called durum atta.[1]


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