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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let me kiss you

Cancer – the dreaded word that sends a chill down our spine, each time we hear about someone we know diagnosed with it. It just takes minutes for this word to bring our world crashing down. There is so much fear and stigma that this single word arouses in people, that most are unwilling to disclose it until the final stages; by which time it is usually too late. But what most of us fail to see is the other side of cancer, the success stories, the tales of triumph even when there seems to be no hope and the fact that cancer is completely curable if detected early enough.

Today I am honoured to feature in this space Eswar Anandan, who has made it his life’s mission to show people the ‘other side of cancer’. Eswar is eGardener of EzeeSolve Business Solutions, an end to end IT solutions provider. He chooses to see Cancer as a word not a sentence. His campaign “We CAN CERtainly fight CANCER together” aims to create maximum awareness among people about cancer and help remove some of the fear and myths surrounding it and ensure that the incidence of it being detected in the last stages is reduced drastically.

The planned phase of campaign is as follows:
1. Awareness: Creating awareness through viral campaigns, talks, paintings, and other creative outlets
2. Share: To encourage survivors and affected people to share the experience so that it can help someone
3 .Educate: Educate about cancer and help remove the myths surrounding it
4 Participate: Encourage participation, and spread awareness.
5. Camps: To come out with medical camps which helps detect cancer
6. Treatment plans: To guide, assist, and help in treatment plan and also to fund
7. Shelter: To open a shelter camp for terminally ill patients. The shelter camp would be having 5 star facilities including doctor and nursing assistance, so that the patients would feel and live in a better humane condition

The campaign is about helping people deal with cancer in a positive way.
Eswar shares with us a poem that he has penned down-‘Let me kiss you’ It is about the different phases of cancer, which is a tribute to millions who are affected by cancer. It has even got Eswar a personal letter of appreciation from the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi
Link to the letter :

Here is what Eswar has to say about it
“It’s my mission to translate it to as many languages as possible and create art forms based on the poem - song, dance, paintings etc. I need your assistance in making this mission a reality”

 The poem expressed is about stages of cancer and the beautiful woman in the poem is death...

The link to the poem is

You can find more information about the campaign here:

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