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Monday, May 9, 2011

For amma

This mother's day, a little note to amma to let her know what my sister and I have never found the "time" to tell her

Thank you amma

Today we two
are going to tell you,
somethings which ought to be told
which are worth their weight in gold.

Thank you amma for being there;
always showing us how much you care.
Thank you amma for dolling us up like queens;
through our childhood and through our teens.

Thank you amma for teaching us  to pray;
it has always helped us to find the right way.
Thank you amma for the countless lovely meals;
we can't make it like you even if we turn cartwheels.

Thank you amma for the bond between Juju* and me;
its so much easier to face life when "I" becomes "we".
Thank you amma for never giving up on us;
through all our tantrums and fuss.

Thank you amma for making us whowe are..'cause;
how a daughter is, her mother was.

Here is wishing you a wonderful mother's day!!!!

* ps: Juju is what we call my sister Amritha at home
Here is a picture of us with achan and amma

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