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Friday, March 25, 2011

Leaving Kindergarten... memoirs of a five and a half year old of his "youth"

Today is a very special day in my academic life ..I have officially graduated from kindergarten. So I decided to pen down my thoughts on those "golden days". Like any hero worth his salt (they always start off  fighting with the heroine right? ) I started off, completely hating to go to school. It was my worse night mare come true, having to leave the safe confines of my home and venture off to an alien land filled with rules and teachers. My first year at school was filled with adventure ranging from attempted heroic escapades( I was caught sneaking out of the gate by the security and brought back kicking and screaming  to the class room) to being the only child posing for a class photo with my school bag on my shoulders!!!( my pre nursery teacher still remembers me as the child who refused to enter the class room and stood at the door with the school bag on his shoulders for the better part of the year) I refused to be parted with my bag even while being taken to the bath room!!!
  well, by the end of the first year, somewhere along the way i fell hopelessly in love with my class teacher ..Rekha Ma'am.  Every word she uttered became the gospel truth for me,much to the irritation of my mother(who until then had been the reigning queen in my life). In spite of all this I still hated going to school. It was only after I started L.K.G, that I began to be initiated into the beautiful world of friends. It was wonderful to be able to have little folks like me (who hated school too) to play with. The highlight of the year was the annual day where I was Michael Jackson(so what if there were 29 other Michael Jackson's all yelling "Just beat it!!!)
All of a sudden I became a "senior" in our little world, and   we "big boys" used to look scornfully at "little" kids clinging to their mother and crying. Slowly I began to look forward to going to school- to play with friends, share snacks, ask my teacher a thousand questions, do craft projects(though I still can't bear  copy writing!!!)
Now I feel I have  come a full circle...I have already started missing kindergarten. I shall never forget those wonder years which has taught me to savour life in all its colours.

PS: I thank my mom for letting me air my thoughts on her blog...


  1. very well written i must say...Nachikaet you seem to be a budding writer!!!and thanx to your mom for a lovely read

  2. haha! Light hearted read with tones of kiddish seriousness! Nichikaet, I'm a blogger/writer too but you give me a run for my money! Way to go :)
    And, your story sounds so much similar to my 5-year old daughter's kindergarten saga!