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Monday, January 17, 2011

Toothy Tales

Last month Nachikaet lost not one but two teeth!!! Having being brought up on a steady diet of stories (and a mother with an over active imagination) my son was anxiously waiting for the tooth to come out and the tooth fairy to do her bit. We had even got out a bottle and decorated it for holding the first tooth which would come out. But it was not to be. The first time, I was brushing Nachikaet’s teeth (being extra careful not to touch the wobbly tooth) when suddenly he grinned at me and I noticed a gaping hole in his mouth . Then began the frantic hunt for the “touring tooth “. Nachikaet couldn’t decide whether he had spit out the tooth or swallowed it. After frantic calls to an amused doctor we finally decided that the tooth must have slipped down the sink. It was a very proud boy that went to school that day showing off his toothless grin to anybody who would care to listen.
The second time we were very vigilant. The moment the second tooth started shaking we beefed up security. Every morning we could examine the tooth throughly and see if it was ready to be pulled off.

Then one day after school Nachikaet came running , words tumbling out in excitement . He had news about the second had fallen off during a game of run and catch and the the little tykes who had never touched a “real” tooth before went wild with excitement. The precious thing was taken and washed in the class room sink and after detailed examinations was safely tucked away in my son’s pocket. How it got lost is an entirely different story altogether!!!!

So the bottle still waits ..maybe next time!!!!
Here is a picture of Nachikaet grinning toothlessly for the camera!!!

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