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Saturday, January 29, 2011

God of plastic creatures(We have not yet graduated to a complete plastic free life!!!)

Nachikaet has always been fascinated by animals ever since I can remember. He has always found them more interesting than humans (speaks volumes about the humans in his life). We have quite a large “zoo” at home and all kind of creatures ranging from farm animals to prehistoric creatures dwell in perfect harmony. The amazing part is that he has never “outgrown” these animals like he has with all his other toys. He takes them out at least once a week to assure himself that all his well in his “little kingdom” . Its heartening to see him line them up in military order and conduct a guard of honour.

For all their worth in plastic these little creatures sure have given one little boy many hours of pure joy and fun .Here is a picture of our apartment cleared of all furniture for the “drill”



  1. Anupama,

    Chanced upon your blog from a comment that you left on my blog. It was very nice reading your posts. Will come back again to catch up on more.

    My daughter is also so interested in animals and that is something that simply does not seem to outgrow.

  2. Hi, Sorry for the delay in dropping by. I got tied up with lots of work. Thanks for visiting my space. You have a great blog here and Nachikaet seems to be quite a character :D

  3. lovely blog Anupama

    motherhood is an experience of a life time and you translate it so well

    Brinda Das

  4. Really anuedathy,,it is a wonderful feeling and u have xplained it so well

  5. Hi there Anu. I assume you read a lot of Maneka Gandhi during your pregnancy..! :)

    By the way, Nice job with the blog and its wonderful that you are sharing your little world. Will make it a point to read this regularly.


  6. Hi Anupama , stumbled upon your blog somehow . And liked it :D :D
    My daughter has somehow grown out of making this long caravans . I truly miss it :( :D
    I hadn't realised it until now when I saw this pic. Now I wonder where all those animals have gone ! May be I should dig them out and keep them some where she can see them :D