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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A mother remembers…

Yesterday Nachikaet  turned 5. When I think of my life, in my mind  its always- life before Nachikaet and life after I had him.  Looking at his old photographs I was reminded of the “golden era’ when Nachikaet used to think I was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to him!!! Those were the days… Here is an ode those precious memories…

Two little hands…..reaching out for a hug,
Two little feet leaving mud on the rug.

Two little eyes..full of wonder at the world around us,
Two little teeth..gnawing at a shiny red bus.

Two little tears …. rolling down when amma is cross,
Two little fists…showing that ‘I’m the boss.”

Two little words.. “amma” “acha” that makes our heart melt,
And one little boy…who makes our world go round!!!

Here is a snap of the two more influential people in my mom and my son!!!!

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