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Friday, August 14, 2009

Janmashtami special-My custom made Makhan Chor

I must admit, Janmashtami according to Malayalam calendar comes next month. Still, keeping in with the spirit of Janmashtami nationwide we decided to amuse my son. (God knows we need cheering up- what with the recession and now the swine flu doing the rounds.). Krishna to me symbolizes... the little boy who never really grew up. He portrays in my opinion, eternal hope and courage in the face of adversities. Krishna is my son’s favorite action hero. He never tires of hearing how Krishna defeated the various demons Kansa sent to kill him. He can even repeat the exact order in which the demons were sent-Poothana, Trinavartha... you get the picture. So we dolled up Nachikaet in all the ‘Krishna ware’ complete with a flute and a cardboard crown. We read all his favorite Krishna stories and made sweets which he felt appropriate for the occasion. (He feels semiya payasam is “appropriate’ for all occasions).

One of the highlights of the day was that we had a really nice talk about how he will always be my ‘little Krishna’ and he being the “little chivalrous man’ that he is, promised me that I’m Devaki, Yashoda and super mom all rolled into one!! Talk about ego boost!!

The icing on the cake goes to my maid (who cannot speak any other language except Malayalam to save her life) when she yelled something which sounded like ‘maku joru’-turns out that keeping in with the flavor of the day she yelled ‘makhan chor’ having discovered my son in the forbidden area of the fridge-the chocolate section!!


  1. Sweet. Nice that you dressed him up as Krishna. Growing up in India I used to hear so many Krishna stories. It is so much fun all these festivals...we hardly feel it here in the US.

  2. cute. I used to dress up Ansh the first 3 years. It was so much fun

  3. aww so sweet

    devaki, yashoda and super mom rolled into one, couldnt have been better isnt it?

    thanks for visiting my blog... ur blog is going right away to my reader :)