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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When some body asked me 6 people I cannot do son's pediatrician featured no 5. It really set me thinking on just how much this person featured in our day to day lives!! It must be a little frustrating to deal with a 'hovering near paranoia'
kind of mom. Every sniff and sniffle has to be analysed and explained to me in detail.. God save him if Nachikaet has get the point.

Well this doctor's day i decided to tell him just how much he means to us!!

So I became ghost writer for Nachikaet and gave him this little note along with a bunch of flowers

" Doctor uncle- I just wanted you to know,
I'll never find another like you even if I look high or low
You make my 'growing up pains' vanish
With sweet medicines and even sweeter words as garnish
The thought that you are just a phone call away
Makes me count my blessings everyday
A passing angel told me to listen to every line you say
'Cause God whispers through you ways to make me fit an fine everyday "


  1. Ah, you are right! Didn't know there was a doctor's day! Btw, what was the doc's reaction :)?

  2. My dad's a paediatrician and the one thing, apart from kids and their smiles of course, that truly melts his heart is when parents remember him like this. Its really sweet that you remember your doctor uncle.

  3. aw, that's such a lovely idea :) he must have been pleased as punch!