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Friday, June 13, 2014

Mocomag - a complete online magazine for kids

Mocomag review

Mocomag is indeed the coolest online magazine for kids. My eight year old son is hooked on to it and it is one addiction I don’t want him to stop. It beautifully injects learning with large doses of fun and makes sure it is presented in a format that is interesting for kids. The simple easy to follow language and the colorful illustrations ensure that the kids are able to follow the information provided, with minimal adult assistance.

What sets this magazine apart is the way that technology has been cleverly used to create a visually interactive content. Each issue has a specific theme that runs through the length of the issue. It also covers a whole plethora of topics, ranging from history mysteries, quiz and news tidbits to easy to make recipes, crafts and stories. The riddles, comic strips and informative videos that it is sprinkled with make it a sheer delight for kids to read. All in all a fantastic read for kids and highly recommended.

you can read their latest issue here:

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