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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Natural pregnancy: Connecting with nature

Today we have a guest post by Katie of 'Moore from Katie' She is an active blogger and dicusses the topics of motherhood, children,fitness, health and all other things 'mommy'. She enjoys writing,blogging and meeting new people. You can contact her via her blog Moore from Katie or her twitter id @moorekm26.

Katie speaks about a very relavant topic-  How to go through your pregnancy as naturally as possible.
Over to Katie

Natural Pregnancy: Connecting with Nature
I have always been an adventurous person, and as newlyweds my husband and I would take weekend trips to the country to hike and explore new state parks and attractions. I loved being outside, and I loved the together time it afforded us. Both of us had hectic work schedules, so this was something we could only do on weekends or holidays. I never ventured out by myself because I always figured I would be bored.

Once I was pregnant with my first child (and home from work on maternity leave), I truly was bored. I took an extended maternity leave so I could focus on having a healthy pregnancy and take time to enjoy carrying my child, but more than often I felt bored, restless, and lonely. I would sit and read pregnancy books, watch television, and wait for my husband to get home. Being pregnant and alone wasn’t what I thought it would be.

One day my husband suggested I go take a walk on one of our favorite trails at the state park while he was at work. At first I dismissed the idea because I thought it would make me further isolated, but I also wanted my baby to get some fresh air! I had been staying active by doing 
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routines, but they felt stuffy and strange.

Once I was on the trail, I felt a peace I hadn’t since I found out I was pregnant. I felt connected with nature, motherhood, and myself. I liked that everything was quiet, and I could hear the sounds of my walking and feel my baby kicking. For the first time, I enjoyed the fact that I was pregnant.

For expecting moms, I would recommend getting outside just once a week. You can use the time to think about how your pregnancy is going, the state of different relationships, what you think being a mom will really be like. There are many decisions that must be made as a new mom; what brand of diapers, deciding on 
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, when to return to work and so much more.   You can even talk directly to your baby – it wasn’t for me (I tried), but I know it’s helpful for a lot of people.

You don’t have to try anything out of the ordinary. A simple walk through a prairie or park will remind you why you wanted to bring a life into the world in the first place. It definitely was a much more uplifting way for me to stay healthy than watching videos in my living room.

Incorporating natural exercise into your life is also cost-effective. The gym memberships, products, and exercise kits are great for some people, but I moved more when I got out the door.
The Centers for Diseases control and Prevention
advise that low- to moderate-intensity exercise while pregnant is important for keeping your lungs and heart healthy, so it is important to find something you enjoy doing.

I’m glad I tried more naturalistic exercise during my pregnancy because it helped me prepare emotionally for motherhood, and it helped me enjoy my own company. I still try to go for walks alone, although now that my daughter is born, I’m normally pushing the stroller.


  1. T'm totally like that! Would prefer connecting with nature versus awkward equipment - Any day!

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  3. Awwwwwww… Such cute babies and just love the way they dance