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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Roti, Kapda and most importantly Makaan!!!

After learning about  the  basic necessities of life- food, clothing and shelter, in social science class at school, Nachikaet decided that it was time he increased the 'quality' of his life. After making the required changes to the 'roti' and and 'kapda' part, which included a Friday pizza night and a few more Ben 10 T-shirts he decided it was time he "moved out" of his parent’s humble abode.

 After a few strategic phone calls to his various "connections” (my ever obliging parents, sister and brother in law- for the uninitiated) I opened my front door one morning to find my beaming parents who claimed to have dropped in for a "surprise" visit, bearing a huge package in their hands.

It turned out that they had by some sheer "amazing coincidence" brought along a huge house like tent for Nachikaet. Then started the process of converting the house to a 'home' as Nachikaet called it.
 Since the basic structure was already in place, a bright techno-coloured affair which looked straight out a circus ground; 'house hold necessities' were scavenged from various parts of the above mentioned humble abode. It was a closely guarded project with no access for anyone except Nachkaet and his two minions (that would be my parents).

Finally after a whole day of frenzied activities, it was finally ready. My husband and I were formally invited for the 'housewarming' ceremony. Our gift was a little brass doorbell for the house.
We were astonished to see that he had created a warm and cozy little haven for himself where he could slip into when he wanted to get away from the 'madding crowd’ There was a 'sitting area' with his favorite Winnie the pooh cushion, a 'dining' area furnished with my little laptop table and all kind of 'essentials' a seven year old boy would need.

 Congratulations on your first ever home my little one, home is after all where the heart is.

 Here are some snaps of the proud grihanath(house owner) and his precious home


  1. Perfect house aka home. Loved it. Actually Nachiket was the name that my son was supposed to get and i strongly refused. But now sounds so wonderful.

  2. The tent that you have got here is very interesting. I do the same every weekend with a well starched cotton saree. We have yummy food and my kid is adamant on having a pack of Jumpin always with him since he has seen this video on his dad's laptop. Sharing the link here: I heard that with each share of the video, Jumpin will donate some amount to Save the Children NGO which is helping underprivileged kids get education. Good initiative!

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