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Monday, February 13, 2012

The' yellow belt' road to happiness

Happiness (for a 6 year old ) = a meter of yellow cloth obtained after 4 hours of intense physical exertions.
Sunday was a landmark day in Nachikaet's"martial artistic" life. He has been been given "official membership" into the the fascinating world of martial arts.  It is his first "real achievement"... all the more sweeter as it is quite literally the fruit of his sweat and labour.
What really made this day special for me, was to see my son (who used to come running asking to be taken to a hospital, because he had scraped his knee,) slog on hour after hour determined to get that belt.
While a  good number of kids were all but ready to give up; crying and howling, my little man carried on until the last punch was delivered.
Congratulations my little one
                                         for believing that you could do it ..even though amma told you that you weren't  ready yet.
                                         for having the courage to say no, when amma asked you if you wanted to stop and go home, after you nearly collapsed after the 50th count of middle punches

and most of all congratulations on getting your " dream" belt..amma is so very proud of you.

Here is a snap of him beaming at the camara with his coveted yellow belt which by  the way, has replaced
all alien creatures and pre historic species as our new bed fellow!!!



  1. Congratulations to Nachikaet ! He looks so proud, as I'm sure he should be, Great job!!

  2. wow. congrats young man.keep it up.more to achieve.....

  3. and miles to go..led by you great mother..

  4. Good Job Nachikaet. Love that smile. Love Roopa

  5. thanx guys..he will be thrilled to get such lovely notes!!!!

  6. Nice and great achievement.
    Keep going!