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Friday, October 21, 2011

Thanks uncle elephant

Today, Nachikaet gifted me one of the  most wonderful gifts he could ever give me. He started to read for pleasure!!!!  Although he has always enjoyed being read to ever since he was very little, he rarely read by himself untill forced, cajoled, bribed etc depending on my mood. 
Uncle elephant changed all that. Its a book he has always enjoyed reading.  I asked him to read the first page for me; after promises for an action packed "kannan 10" story at bed time and a chocolate, he reluctantly started to read,  but when he did not stop even after the second page I kept quiet. I watched with sheer delight as my son laughed at uncle elephants's antics, was on the verge of tears asking me never to go on a voyage on a ship without him (the little elephant's parents get lost in the sea) and wanted to know if he had "uncles" whom he could go and live with just in case his parents were lost!!!
I loved the fact that that he was seeing the book( which I had read to him a dozen times before) in a whole new light; when he was reading it himself..that is the power of imagination.
 Welcome to the wonderful world of books my love.


  1. reading makes a child perfect !!

  2. yes its a great hobby 4 kids..thanx 4 ure comment